Investor Relations

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this; you haven't.

Why do you need Investor Relations?

Co-ordinate communication

Dissemination of key information allows investors to determine whether a company is a good investment for their needs

Long-term credibility

Record of strong communication with investors and documented history of company’s performance builds long-term credibility with investment community

Valuation of a company

Encourages ongoing evaluation of your business. Good or bad investor relations can gravely affect valuation of your company

Investor management function is complex in nature. It prompts the need for proper guidance and professional management of investor expectations. We ensure that an account of crucial information of the company’s affairs is disseminated to the investors to facilitate an informed investment decision.
Our services are meant to cater to the most sophisticated investors. Whether your company’s investor relations efforts are new – say, the result of going public – or are just in need of a fresh perspective, we take care of the core elements. Idea2corp ensures that there is proper communication of interest between all the parties so that there is clarity of direction and relationships are sustained in the long term.