Strategic Financial Officer

The reward of work is to have produced it; the reward of effort is to have grown by it.

Why do you need SFO?

SFO is one of the crucial elements of C-Suite from the very early stage of business, the significance of whom shouldn’t be undermined. Unlike other finance professionals of company, role of SFO is very forward-looking; responsible to manage the foreseen/unforeseen/upcoming business-financial risks. Our SFO service works closely towards growth and revenue assurance.

With increased activism of all stakeholders, gone are the days when value creation was achieved with episodic events such as M&A, financial structuring and managing investor relations. In recent times, SFO has become an integral part of sustained value creation playing various roles of STRATEGIST for enhancing performance, OPERATOR for improving efficiency, STEWARD for control and CATALYST for execution.


  • Financial statements compilation & review
  • Accounting policies/standards adherence to best interest of business
  • Compliance with statutory regulations, conditions and taxes
  • Investor Relations management
  • Guiding & managing accounts/finance team
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • MIS dashboard at all levels/functions
  • Profiling of business owners / stakeholders setting / meeting expectations


  • Create a strategic plan for market building / growth
  • Monitor execution of the strategic plan
  • Devise strategies to catalyze / initiate growth process
  • Team building & structuring
  • Future vision
  • Market strategy to utilize potential of presence / reach


  • Cash flow management
  • Fund flow management
  • Capital structuring
  • Information Memorandum
  • Creation, review and analysis of KPI’s
  • Structure & structured approach/vision
  • Profiling of business owners
  • MIS dashboard