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Business Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Why do you need Business Plan?

Guide growth

Maps out the business activities, monitors your progress so that your business embarks on a journey of guided growth.

Investor Readiness

Strengthens prospects of getting investors and lenders. Gives an edge to intrigue and convince the investor to fund your startup, especially if it highlights your future growth

Structured roadmap

Helps you define strategies to run your business profitably by laying out operational milestones. A planned assessment will aid in monitoring current funding, future requirement, cash and fund inflow / outflow.

Making decisions based on outdated strategies and unrealistic market assumption can have a disastrous impact both on performance and people. Irrespective of their size, stage they are at, sector they belong to, all businesses need a plan to follow, to achieve their goals and vision. Every business should take into all “What Ifs” and “Plan B’s”.

Idea2corp is there for you to fulfill your vision by generating and evaluating key action areas, identifying options to bridge the gap between action and vision and assist in delivering as per your plan. We work closely with entrepreneurs to build and continually monitor their B Plans with actionable roadmaps (i.e. how to get from point A to point B) and assess alternate scenarios, so that the path to success is not as uncertain as it would otherwise be.

Business plan Facilitates:

  • Business Analysis
  • Analysis/Outline business economics
  • Align operations with GTM strategy
  • Layout operational milestones
  • Investor readiness
  • Monitor current funding
  • Project future requirements