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Capital Structuring

Get it right and you can grow with sufficient financial flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Why do you need Capital Structuring?

Increased value

Well defined capital structure increases the market price of business, leading to increase in the value of the firm

Solvency / liquidity

Too much raising of debt capital leaves the company vulnerable at the time of poor earning due to compulsory payment of interest

Minimization of financial risk

A judicious mix of debt and equity in capital structure safeguards business from foreseen/unforeseen financial risk

Capital structuring refers to the way in which a business’s operations and growth are financed using a wide variety of funds. The idea is to have the optimal mix of debt and equity that complements your business and safeguards liquidity. We provide you with the necessary framework required to balance and manage your assets, liabilities, and equities. We develop in-depth understanding of the company’s cash flow, and ensure that funds are tapped in the most cost effective manner for the business. We also warrant appropriate allocation of resources so that the day-to-day operations of the business can be carried on smoothly.


  • Cash flow management
  • Optimal debt-equity mix
  • Efficient allocation of funds