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Right from conceptualization to implementation to continuance and growth, idea2corp is dedicated to bridge the gap between a potential idea and scalable business

Be sure you put your feet in the right place. Then stand firm

if you are......

Idea2corp as the name suggests vows to turn a potential idea into a scalable business. Complemented by a team of experienced individuals possessing cross sector knowledge, we are well equipped to embark those ideas on the journey to become a business
Idea2corp hand holds businesses throughout their business journey. With a track record of successful deliveries through our journey of 23 years, we are well versed to identify potential opportunities, mitigate startup risks; all in all make the business journey less uncertain than it otherwise would be.
Idea2corp offers plethora of services which cater to specific requirements of businesses; market research, business diligence, B-Plan, relations, SFO, etc. Experienced professionals work with client businesses very closely so as to meet their aspirations.

......then idea2corp is for you

Service Portfolio


A structured service focusing on providing interim financial and strategic advice to help businesses in managing critical business decisions.We play various roles as a STRATEGIST for enhancing performance, OPERATOR for improving efficiency, STEWARD for control and CATALYST for execution.

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Market Research

Cutting-edge service facilitating decision-making process by providing relevant inputs molded to meet specific business requirements, applicable to your product, market and your individual approach in conducting business

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Due Diligence

We study and analyse business’s operations, financial performance, legal & tax compliance, customer contracts, IP, assets and other details to advise clients to unearth possible liabilities and financial matters, to make sure nothing is hidden.

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Investor Relations

Whether your company’s investor relations efforts are new – say, the result of going public – or just in need of a fresh perspective, we ensure that there is clarity of direction and relationships are sustained in long term

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M&A / Strategic Tie-ups

It is a complex process where we analyze a multitude of factors to transact intrinsic value for the merging / acquiring / getting acquired entities keeping in view the common core of unit and temperamental fit

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Why trust idea2corp?

  • Venture of Investeurs Consulting (inc. 1994)

  • More than 450 Corporate clients

  • Collective experience of over 23 years

  • Team of highly motivated experienced professionals

  • 95% of clients cross benchmark figure for customer satisfaction

  • Affordable and flexible / customizable subscription packages

Idea2corp is built with a vision to support "Start Up India, Stand Up India" ,hence, we vouch to support woman entrepreneurs

Idea2corp is built with a vision to support "Make in India" ,hence, we vouch to support startups

We never stop improving

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