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Legal Diligence

Be sure you put your feet in the right place. Then stand firm.

Why do you need Legal Diligence?

Business formation

Startups often tend to take risks at an early stage, which comes to haunt them when they grow. It is imperative for startups to seek appropriate legal advice at the inception stage

Legal structure

Startups mainly focus on establishing their business, sustain themselves and consolidate market-share. It is necessary to have a well-defined legal structure to fulfill startup aspirations in the long-run besides focusing the resources on core business activities

Investor satisfaction

Preparing for diligence exercises and investor scrutiny from the inception stage will go a long way in ensuring a satisfactory outcome when a fund raising opportunity arises

Seeks to examine the legal standee of a transaction. Every business requires comprehensive assessment of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property etc. of the target company.

  • Banking & finance:

  • Advise domestic and international finance companies, institutions, bank including non-banking financial companies on securitization laws, securities, derivatives, restructuring, banking & insolvency asset finance, project finance.

  • Mergers & acquisitions:

  • Advise and influence decisions on regulatory compliance, IP rights, share distribution, capital gains, M&A’s, JV, partnerships and project alliances to ensure a hassle-free transaction.

  • Corporate & commercial law:

  • We handle and advise our clients on legal, regulatory and compliance issues relating to their operations. This helps our clients to keep abreast of the recent changes and developments in corporate and commercial laws.

  • Intellectual property rights:

  • We understand that development and maintenance of IP involves huge amount of money, time and human capital. We assist in drafting and negotiating patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets of our clients.

    • Legal structuring
    • Pending litigation