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Market Research

Understanding your customers and sizing your market opportunity can be the difference between success and failure as a startup.

Why do you need market research?

Market validation

Defines who your target customer is, why problem you are solving exists, how your product will solve the problem, who your competitors are, etc

Value proposition

Defines how your product / service will solve a problem, what benefits and value they’ll get , why they should buy from you instead of competitor

Focus on core strength

Outsourcing MR helps startups to strategize and take calculated business decisions while research can be taken care of by idea2corp

Identify new opportunities for growth

Increase your profits and beat your business rivals

Purpose of research is to inform action. It provides leverage to focus on making decisions and taking actions. The biggest challenges faced by startups during market research comprise of impactful reporting: the ability to provide or receive consultative reports, to tell a cohesive story, and to account for putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in clients business’s world; technology: its introduction, use, and reliability to answer business questions in more efficient or creative ways, and data management: how businesses gather, handle and integrate the vast amounts of data– from both primary and alternative research resources to make sense of all the data points.

Through customized research, idea2corp provides cutting-edge services that will facilitate the decision-making process by providing relevant inputs moulded to meet specific business requirements, applicable to your product, market and your individual approach/style in conducting business.

Market Research facilitates:

  • Validate: Problem-solution fit, Product-market fit, business model-market fit
  • Formulate Go-to market strategy
  • New market entry
  • Product diversification strategy
  • Product pricing
  • Competition mapping
  • Business case validation